The Good Samarithan started before we left Kenya 2002. It was a thought from God that we should continue the work to help the orphans, wounded and disabled children with help, which could help them to continue on their own.
We do not want them to be dependant on help from outside more than for a shorter time, if it is possible. We have helped many disabled children, and children with clift lip and other things, to start a new life after the operation.

We have 53 children who are all total orphans, that mean they do not have any adult in the family who is alive (mostly because of aids). We have also helped 150 children to receive new families.

Peter Ouma is our chairman and he is doing a wonderful job! He is very responsible with the money we send and he has built everything up with the houses, well, toilets and fence together with others. He is very good with the children.
He has put all the children´s stories in files. He has gone through a state course, to teach about aids and how to treat sick people and has got a diploma in it. He is often holding seminars about aids and teaches people about it. Even though aids is so common people do not want to talk about it!!!!
The Bible is the answer to this terrible sickness : no sex before marriage and faithfulness in marriage (and that the women should be valued as a person and not as a cow!!!)

Pamela Oyoo is the Mama for all the children and we know she is very good with children. She was looking after our twins while we were in Kenya. Pamela has several women who are working together with her day and night

Carolyne George is responsible for our economy and she has had good training and is doing well with the book keeping.

They and others are going to the hospitals around Migori every Saturday and they preach the Gospel, talk to, and pray for the sick. Many are saved and many healed every week. They feel it is so important to go where the despair is so great and they want to hold someone´s hand and comfort them.

If you want to support our ministry you are more than welcome

IBAN number is SE7180000826440437879927 together with address is : SWEDSESS
You have to use my name Anette Hellekant-Långs (they demand a personal name) I will send the money to Kenya on monthly basis.
Thank you so much!!!!

If you have any questions or ideas please write to

Yours in Christ